About WARK


98.9 FM and AM 1490 is The News, Talk,  and Sports station of Washington County. It’s a blend of local news with popular nationally syndicated talk hosts and live sports including Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens and University of Maryland Athletics.

WARK listening audience exceeds 6,900 persons listeners every week!

Our daytime line-up of syndicated programming includes:

  • Imus in the Morning
  • Brian Kilmeade
  • John Gibson
  • Sean Hannity
  • Mark Levin
  • Chad Benson

And the only area radio station to broadcast the regions top sporting events for:

  • The Baltimore Orioles - A broadcast partner since 1954
  • The Baltimore Ravens
  • University of Maryland Terrapin sports

Our staff

  • Fred Manning

    Fred Manning is President/Chief Operating Officer for Manning Media Inc., and WARK.

  • Chris Elliott

    Chris Elliott is the Brand Manager of Manning Media, Inc. and the voice of WARK.

  • Brian Corson

    Brian Corson is the Programming Coordinator for WARK.

  • Bill McCarrey

    Bill McCarrey is the Chief Engineer for Manning Media Inc., and WARK.

  • Larry Veihmeyer

    Larry Veihmeyer is the Sales Manager for Manning Media Inc., and WARK.

  • Marci Howes

    Marci Howes is the webmaster for Manning Media Inc., and WARK.